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1 tlk70000075_04_msg001 84 I was visiting the capital the other day on business, when I saw someone who looked just like MacNeth from behind.
2 tlk70000075_04_msg002 84 Of course, it wasn't him at all - it was an ordinary Tornan woman. When I saw her face, something came over me...
3 tlk70000075_04_msg003 84 All my pent-up frustrations suddenly came pouring out. I think...I said some terrible things to that poor woman.
4 tlk70000075_04_msg004 84 I can still remember the look of shock on her face - there were tears in her eyes.
5 tlk70000075_04_msg005 84 How could I be so thoughtless...? She was only trying to be kind, and to a strange Ardainian soldier no less...
6 tlk70000075_04_msg006 84 I have to find her again and apologize. It's the least I can do.