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1 tlk70000073_01_msg0001 84 Lost my comrades in the midst of battle when I least expected...
2 tlk70000073_01_msg0002 84 If that happens to you, get to your downed friend and lend 'em a hand.
3 tlk70000073_01_msg0003 84 Keep the esprit de corps high and you shouldn't have any problems keeping your party members standing.
4 tlk70000073_01_msg0004 84 But if your team's lost the will to fight, sorry to say but there's not much hope for you.
5 tlk70000073_01_msg0005 84 And remember, a revived ally won't be back at full strength, so don't forget to lend 'em a hand.
6 tlk70000073_01_msg0006 84 Just a couple of hints to keep you going. Take care of your friends, and they'll take care of you.