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1 tlk70000072_01_msg0001 84 Macmac understand why Morumo popular. Always supported shopping ward through day and night, after all.
2 tlk70000072_01_msg0002 84 But Macmac worry that Morumo becoming teensy bit too powerful. And trying too hard to be cool leader.
3 tlk70000072_01_msg0003 84 Overworking make nobody happy, only bring pain. But admitting that not easy, so often start making silly justifications.
4 tlk70000072_01_msg0004 84 Macmac think people usually happier if not being super cool. Maybe is better to be little bit uncool actually.
5 tlk70000072_01_msg0005 84 So what Morumo need right now maybe not stacks of money.
6 tlk70000072_01_msg0006 84 Me think Morumo need somebody to talk open and honest with. Someone to give big slap when Morumo being silly!
7 tlk70000072_01_msg0101 84 Also, what happen to Red Pollen Orbs? If just left lying around, that fine, but if pick up and sell off, is crime and insult!