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1 tlk70000068_03_msg0001 84 A gardener's job isn't just pushing around rocks and sand to make everything look pretty, you know.
2 tlk70000068_03_msg0002 84 My dad says it's all about cultivating relationships between plants and the soil.
3 tlk70000068_03_msg0003 84 You have to know about all sorts of stuff or the garden will fail. My dad says it's like being a doctor for nature.
4 tlk70000068_03_msg0004 84 So a gardener's real job is making sure the garden is healthy. That helps keep the people who visit it healthy, too.
5 tlk70000068_03_msg0005 84 It goes over my head a bit. I've spent a lot of time with my dad, but I've never thought about gardening like that at all.