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1 tlk70000067_06_msg0001 84 Drivers and Blades!
2 tlk70000067_06_msg0002 84 If you're to cross the Dannagh Desert, would you come and stay at my inn first?
3 tlk70000067_06_msg0003 84 I don't have much to share with you, but will you let me do what I can?
4 tlk70000067_06_msg0004 84 There's a reason I've been running this inn for the past 70-odd years, you know. I like helping folks.
5 tlk70000067_06_msg0005 165 Stay at Teo's inn?
6 tlk70000067_06_msg0006 165 Sure
7 tlk70000067_06_msg0007 165 Not quite yet...
8 tlk70000067_06_msg0101 84 Please come in!
9 tlk70000067_06_msg0201 84 You want to look round the village more? Of course I understand.
10 tlk70000067_06_msg0202 84 I'll be waiting. Take all the time you need to explore.