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1 tlk70000067_05_msg0001 84 So... You're off then?
2 tlk70000067_05_msg0002 84 I've seen knights make that face. Means a battle's coming that you can't avoid.
3 tlk70000067_05_msg0003 84 Jin... I remember how you put your own life on the line to save this village many times 80 years ago.
4 tlk70000067_05_msg0004 84 Time marches on, the ages pass from one generation to the next, but you do not change.
5 tlk70000067_05_msg0005 84 I know this well. I idolized you once.
6 tlk70000067_05_msg0006 84 My inn isn't much, but whenever you're weary, know that its doors are always open to you.