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1 tlk70000066_05_msg0001 84 So, the time's finally upon us, huh? I think we've made all the preparations we can reasonably muster.
2 tlk70000066_05_msg0002 84 We actually put together a secret weapon, just in case this place gets attacked again.
3 tlk70000066_05_msg0003 84 We call it...the Monster Exterminatron 5000! Or ME5000 for short.
4 tlk70000066_05_msg0004 84 As you might have guessed, it's actually a modified version of the FF4000. Dudan worked really hard on it!
5 tlk70000066_05_msg0005 84 I don't know how he did it, but he even managed to get the thing to fly! Monsters won't stand a chance!
6 tlk70000066_05_msg0006 84 Anyway, point is, we're gonna be just fine here in the capital.
7 tlk70000066_05_msg0007 84 So you go do whatever it is you gotta do, yeah? We can fight evil together on different fronts!