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1 tlk70000063_05_msg0001 84 Why can Blades make use of ether like they do?
2 tlk70000063_05_msg0002 84 And why does the ether produced by Titans create miasmas?
3 tlk70000063_05_msg0003 84 I'm drowning in a sea of questions with few answers to cling to...
4 tlk70000063_05_msg0004 84 Hm... But what if Blades and Titans weren't differing species at all...? That would change everything...
5 tlk70000063_05_msg0005 84 Listen to me! I've gotten way ahead of myself. That can't be the case.
6 tlk70000063_05_msg0006 84 It's just too many leaps of logic. Maybe all this research is making me a bit hare-brained... Ahahahaha!