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1 tlk70000063_02_msg0001 84 Hello, you lot! How's the ether miasma removal coming along?
2 tlk70000063_02_msg0002 84 If the evidence supports my theory, I plan on presenting it at an academic conference somewhere. But where?
3 tlk70000063_02_msg0003 84 Mor Ardain is the leading nation in Alrest, but Uraya's got a more distinguished history and culture...
4 tlk70000063_02_msg0004 84 Oooh, but what about Torna? The birthplace of modern technology! What I wouldn't give to present there.
5 tlk70000063_02_msg0005 84 I'll try not to get too far ahead of myself... It's all well and good to dream, but I need to continue my research!