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1 tlk70000063_01_msg0001 84 Oh, have you lot come to hear more about my research on ether miasmas? Fascinating stuff, I know.
2 tlk70000063_01_msg0002 84 I'm always happy to ramble about my ideas. Especially to Blades who can control the flow of ether...
3 tlk70000063_01_msg0003 84 But where was I? Oh, right. Ether miasmas are emitted by the Titans as a form of waste product. Yummy.
4 tlk70000063_01_msg0004 84 Stabilizing the flow of ether around a miasma is the key to its removal. Are you following me so far?
5 tlk70000063_01_msg0005 84 Good! So, thanks to the self-purifying power of the Titans, the miasma is dispersed naturally in the air.
6 tlk70000063_01_msg0006 84 If you connect the dots, this means that to get rid of the miasma, you need the means to control ether itself.
7 tlk70000063_01_msg0007 84 That's probably enough rambling for now. Come find me again if you lot ever want to hear more.