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1 tlk70000062_05_msg0001 84 Even to a Gormotti like me, the Aegis's attack on the Tornan capital city was a tragedy.
2 tlk70000062_05_msg0002 84 Of course the damage from the attack itself was awful... But I'm worried about the political implications, too.
3 tlk70000062_05_msg0003 84 Mor Ardain and Gormott are on good terms. But I know less about our relationships with other places...
4 tlk70000062_05_msg0004 84 Y'see, Gormott is made up of a bunch of different families, and that's what our social structure is based around.
5 tlk70000062_05_msg0005 84 All the family chiefs have their own way of thinking, too. It can be tough to establish and maintain consensus.
6 tlk70000062_05_msg0006 84 I've got a bad feeling about what would happen if other countries were to prod at those brittle relationships too hard...