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1 tlk70000058_04_msg0001 84 Meat! Meat! Meaty meaty meat!
2 tlk70000058_04_msg0002 84 Dudan have so much money can not even spend it all! Dudan never ate this much meat before in life!
3 tlk70000058_04_msg0003 84 But party not done yet. Dudan and Palva keep celebrating until stomachs explode!
4 tlk70000058_04_msg0004 84 Then when cannot stuff any more meat, Dudan go sleepy-sleep in fluffy bed!
5 tlk70000058_04_msg0005 84 This so much fun! Dudan never knew being filthy rich so much fun!
6 tlk70000058_04_msg0006 84 there things to do with money other than buy meat???