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1 tlk70000055_05_msg0001 84 I was so worried about how down Noowl was that I tried talking to him about it in the end.
2 tlk70000055_05_msg0002 84 Seems like he realized how dispirited he'd been in the attack, and that made him feel even more down on himself.
3 tlk70000055_05_msg0003 84 I gave him a good hard dose of truth. I said he was gloomy from the start and that didn't stop us becoming friends.
4 tlk70000055_05_msg0004 84 I expected him to start crying then and there. I really thought I'd put my foot in my mouth again, like always...
5 tlk70000055_05_msg0005 84 But actually, he thanked me for being honest with him! He did cry, though. A lot.
6 tlk70000055_05_msg0006 84 Then I started crying, too, and the waterworks just wouldn't stop. Makes you laugh now, doesn't it?
7 tlk70000055_05_msg0007 84 I'm really glad I was able to talk to him. It made me realize that nothing happens if you don't make the effort.