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1 tlk70000054_01_msg0001 84 We call ourselves the "resistance army" but we're actually just starting out. Not so much an army as a club, really.
2 tlk70000054_01_msg0002 84 We may be small, but we've got all sorts. Urayans, Tornans, Gormotti, Ardainians...
3 tlk70000054_01_msg0003 84 There's plenty of folks in Uraya who'd readily put us to use as some kind of mercenary strike force.
4 tlk70000054_01_msg0004 84 But who's to say that won't strain tensions with Torna and Mor Ardain? We've worked hard to get this far.
5 tlk70000054_01_msg0005 84 As lieutenant, I'm not about to let my troops be used to fight their homelands. We've only got one goal - defeat Malos.