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1 tlk70000053_01_msg0001 84 Hi everyone, and welcome to the militia camp!
2 tlk70000053_01_msg0002 84 Here people from all different countries and social standings live together under one roof! Figuratively. We live in tents.
3 tlk70000053_01_msg0003 84 It was all Lord Addam's idea! At first we were separated based on homeland, but that didn't work out very well.
4 tlk70000053_01_msg0004 84 There were some rough patches when we adopted Lord Addam's plan, but he helped us resolve our differences.
5 tlk70000053_01_msg0005 84 Now we care more about who snores at night than who's from where!
6 tlk70000053_01_msg0006 84 I'm sure Lord Addam knew we'd get along like this. I really admire him for being so forward-thinking.