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1 tlk70000052_03_msg0001 84 Oh! Lord Addam! I heard that the capital's been attacked!
2 tlk70000052_03_msg0002 84 Oh... It's true? What to do...
3 tlk70000052_03_msg0003 84 At least Aletta hasn't fallen into large-scale disorder yet. It's still fairly safe here.
4 tlk70000052_03_msg0004 84 Everyone at the mansion, your wife, we all worry about you when you're away in dangerous places, Lord Addam.
5 tlk70000052_03_msg0005 84 They're deeply concerned but they won't, and can't, tell you to come home. They understand that.
6 tlk70000052_03_msg0006 84 When it comes to it, we'll open up the mansion to needy people, in line with your orders.
7 tlk70000052_03_msg0007 84 I'll make sure that we're mentally and logistically prepared for that, Lord Addam.
8 tlk70000052_03_msg0008 84 Please, Lord Addam... Don't overextend yourself trying to resolve this situation too quickly.