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1 tlk70000052_01_msg0001 84 Lord Addam has been so kind to me ever since we first met.
2 tlk70000052_01_msg0002 84 Like when I was cleaning the roof of the mansion and slipped and fell.
3 tlk70000052_01_msg0003 84 Or after I carelessly got that electric shock in the kitchen. He was so worried and nursed me back to health.
4 tlk70000052_01_msg0004 84 He got me back on my feet in no time!
5 tlk70000052_01_msg0005 84 But they were just little mishaps. Not like Lord Addam's serious wounds. It's what got me into medicine, y'know.
6 tlk70000052_01_msg0006 84 Lord Addam will tell you himself that you can't overdo things. You've only one life to live after all!