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1 tlk70000051_04_msg0001 84 You came by just to say hi? You don't need to worry about us, you know.
2 tlk70000051_04_msg0002 84 I'm the leader of the Urayan contingent here. I swear to uphold that title, even when Addam isn't around.
3 tlk70000051_04_msg0003 84 No matter who starts trying to stick their oar in, king or no king, I'll be here like "No! Piss off!"
4 tlk70000051_04_msg0004 84 When you get back, we'll grab some drinks and have a good old feast.
5 tlk70000051_04_msg0005 84 Looking forward to hearing some of your stories! Don't let me down, now.