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1 tlk70000051_02_msg0001 84 Being the leader of the Urayans here sounds like a mighty fine title, but it's actually kind of boring.
2 tlk70000051_02_msg0002 84 A bit of team training and monster- killing. Le'see now, what else? Oh, I'm also meant to discipline troublemakers.
3 tlk70000051_02_msg0003 84 Getting into scraps with the locals doesn't just cause a headache for us - Lord Addam doesn't need it either.
4 tlk70000051_02_msg0004 84 If I had my way, we'd march off tomorrow to win some great military victory. Guts and glory! But...*sigh*
5 tlk70000051_02_msg0005 84 Hey, don't tell Hedwyn I've been saying stuff like this. He'll give me grief about it.
6 tlk70000051_02_msg0006 84 The other day he was going on about "what it means to be a leader". It fair does my head in.
7 tlk70000051_02_msg0007 84 Probably my fault for getting him so drunk, eh? Ha ha ha!