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1 tlk70000050_03_msg0001 84 I hope you know I'm always grateful to have your help!
2 tlk70000050_03_msg0002 84 Thanks to you the militia's numbers have grown, but, well, that also means our food problems have gotten worse...
3 tlk70000050_03_msg0003 84 We're trying as hard as we can to be self-sufficient, but it's just been hard with everything else going on.
4 tlk70000050_03_msg0004 84 I'm a bit worried about how things are going to turn out if this situation continues. Our reserves are low.
5 tlk70000050_03_msg0005 84 I won't be able to snack as much as I'd like... Um, I mean, nothing! Just forget I said anything! Nothing to see here!