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1 tlk70000050_02_msg0001 84 Oh, hi there, Lord Addam! May I beg a moment of your attention? It's a rather perplexing matter.
2 tlk70000050_02_msg0002 84 There's a really dangerous-looking cave here in Aletta...
3 tlk70000050_02_msg0003 84 You can't get in at the moment, but there's a curious depression of the sealed entrance.
4 tlk70000050_02_msg0004 84 Doesn't it bother you, knowing that it's there and not being able to get in?!
5 tlk70000050_02_msg0005 84 I mean, I have no idea what kind of key-like object would fit in the depression. Perhaps none.
6 tlk70000050_02_msg0006 84 Yet surely, it'll be brim-full with treasure. And anyone able to open it would claim it for themselves...
7 tlk70000050_02_msg0007 84 Just imagine how much food I could buy with a heap of treasure! Even thinking about it is making me drool.