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1 tlk70000049_05_msg001 84 Somewhere deep down, I knew it would come to this someday.
2 tlk70000049_05_msg002 84 My lieges, I will no longer ask you to keep yourselves out of danger.
3 tlk70000049_05_msg003 84 I ask you only to seize victory in your mission, and return here to Aletta.
4 tlk70000049_05_msg004 84 I look forward to the day when I see you return triumphant.
5 tlk70000049_05_msg005 84 And, Your Majesty... Though I have served by your side for a good twenty years at this point...
6 tlk70000049_05_msg006 84 I still feel I have not fully repaid the debt I owe you for turning my empty life into something truly worthwhile.
7 tlk70000049_05_msg007 84 I hope to keep repaying that debt for as long as these old bones will allow it. So...please do come home safe.