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1 tlk70000047_05_msg0001 84 Bless me, I never thought this day would come. It's like a dream.
2 tlk70000047_05_msg0002 84 I shall make the most of every day with my daughter from now on. I don't have words to thank your lordships.
3 tlk70000047_05_msg0003 84 It used to be that all I wanted was for Freja to get better. But now she is, I find myself getting a little greedy.
4 tlk70000047_05_msg0004 84 I want more time with her. I want to regain the time we lost because of her illness.
5 tlk70000047_05_msg0005 84 But after Torna's awakening, I wonder if that's possible. Who knows how much time we have left?
6 tlk70000047_05_msg0006 84 So please... Addam, Lora, everyone...
7 tlk70000047_05_msg0007 84 Protect my daughter's future. The fate of her and everyone else in Torna rests in your hands.