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1 tlk70000047_01_msg0001 84 If it's the palace you're after, my lordships, just follow those steps up and it's on the left. Can't miss it.
2 tlk70000047_01_msg0002 84 Oh, begging your pardon, most folks are looking for the palace. You're asking after the girl?
3 tlk70000047_01_msg0003 84 That's my daughter, Freja. She's been very frail since birth. An awful sickness, your lordships, just terrible.
4 tlk70000047_01_msg0004 84 The doctors say there's no medicine in this land of Torna that would help her. It's as good as incurable.
5 tlk70000047_01_msg0005 84 Sometimes I wonder what's to become of my little Freja...