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1 tlk70000046_05_msg0001 84 Turns out Jerry was deadly serious about wiping out the Bloody Lobsters.
2 tlk70000046_05_msg0002 84 I tried to tell him that I'm done with all that. Besides, it's literally suicidal.
3 tlk70000046_05_msg0003 84 But he just responded by giving me this twelve-step fitness regimen and telling me to shape up.
4 tlk70000046_05_msg0004 84 He's a scary bloke. If it's all some kind of joke, it's not funny. If he's serious... well, there are better ways to do things.
5 tlk70000046_05_msg0005 84 Does he really expect me to atone for my crimes this way? Ask him again for me, would you? I'm just not buying it...