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1 tlk70000044_01_msg0001 84 Mmm...munch...yum... Meh meh meh! Omnom declare Love Raspberry is tastiest fruit in Torna!
2 tlk70000044_01_msg0002 84 By the way, Omnom thank friends for bringing many foods.
3 tlk70000044_01_msg0003 84 By the way, is something happen? Friends looking very small all of sudden somehow.
4 tlk70000044_01_msg0004 84 Meh-meh? It Omnom who get big? Ohoho, friends have great humor sense! Omnom almost buy it!
5 tlk70000044_01_msg0005 84 Omnom learning all about cuisine of Torna. Working very hard to sample many dishes. Learning by eating!
6 tlk70000044_01_msg0006 84 Favorite is Love Raspberry. So sweet! So big! So plump! So juicy!
7 tlk70000044_01_msg0007 84 Meh? If eat too many, Omnom get even more biggerer? Ohoho, again with the jokings!
8 tlk70000044_01_msg0008 84 ...Wait. Friends have serious faces. Is possible friends actually concerned, rather than teasing?
9 tlk70000044_01_msg0009 84 Is very OK! No need for worries! Omnom still growing so is needing lots of nutrients. Is sign of good health!