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1 tlk70000043_03_msg0001 84 I've only been in Torna a short time and I find myself with many new contacts.
2 tlk70000043_03_msg0002 84 Lots of them pester me as an Ardainian chef to make them Ardainian food...
3 tlk70000043_03_msg0003 84 But I've not got the guts fer that!!!
4 tlk70000043_03_msg0004 84 Tornans just don't realise how luxurious their tastes are. How refined their palates are!
5 tlk70000043_03_msg0005 84 Being used to such delicate flavors and rich tastes, I know exactly how they'll react to authentic Ardainian food.
6 tlk70000043_03_msg0006 84 Once they've got the idea that "Ardainian food is disgusting" in their heads, they'll never eat it again.
7 tlk70000043_03_msg0007 84 That's pretty hard for me. As a cook, and as an Ardainian...
8 tlk70000043_03_msg0008 84 That's why it's essential for me to study Tornan cuisine. To start a revolution in Ardainian cooking!