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1 tlk70000043_01_msg0001 84 Phew... Another day of overfilling my belly.
2 tlk70000043_01_msg0002 84 But, I'm no' done eating yet! The delicacies and finery of Tornan cooking aren't just about fillin' your face!
3 tlk70000043_01_msg0003 84 Until I get to savor a legendary dish from that famous chef, my trip cannae be over!
4 tlk70000043_01_msg0004 84 I came all the way from Mor Ardain to tickle my tastebuds with her legendary tastes!
5 tlk70000043_01_msg0005 84 I'm going to get me some of Ms. Sorrel's cooking and make this trip worth my while!