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1 tlk70000038_05_msg0001 84 Popolo thought knew everything about Boss.
2 tlk70000038_05_msg0002 84 But that wrong!
3 tlk70000038_05_msg0003 84 Boss popular with ladies! Who knew?
4 tlk70000038_05_msg0004 84 Macmac really got eye for Boss. And Boss aware of Macmac too...
5 tlk70000038_05_msg0005 84 Meh! Always Boss! How come Popolo never have romantic tale to tell?
6 tlk70000038_05_msg0006 84 Popolo just not attractive. Wish Popolo could be showered with attention sometime...
7 tlk70000038_05_msg0007 84 Oh... Sorry! Just talking to self there...
8 tlk70000038_05_msg0008 84 Oh, yeah! It big mystery, but Boss losing fur again recently.
9 tlk70000038_05_msg0009 84 Wonder if this lovesickness or Nopto-mange?