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1 tlk70000038_02_msg0001 84 Seeing dark-dark monsters destroying everything made Popolo super sad. Shopping ward like Popolo's home...
2 tlk70000038_02_msg0002 84 Then everyone in shopping ward rallied to help.
3 tlk70000038_02_msg0003 84 Now place almost back to normal! Popolo getting back to old self too!
4 tlk70000038_02_msg0004 84 But...still worried about Boss.
5 tlk70000038_02_msg0005 84 Trouble cause fur all over body to shed. Boss bald before too long!
6 tlk70000038_02_msg0006 84 Might quite like to see Boss like that...
7 tlk70000038_02_msg0007 84 Might actually suit him...
8 tlk70000038_02_msg0008 84 Sorry! Got carried away there!
9 tlk70000038_02_msg0009 84 Next time Popolo's turn to work hard. Must do best to protect shopping ward...and Boss's fur!