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1 tlk70000035_03_msg0001 84 I always knew he was a bit touched in the head, but I didn't think Leo's willpower went this far.
2 tlk70000035_03_msg0002 84 When Malos came a-knocking, I thought I would die right then and there. Not him, though.
3 tlk70000035_03_msg0003 84 He said it was times like these when music is most important and that we couldn't just stand idly by.
4 tlk70000035_03_msg0004 84 Everything was a blur after that. We helped people running about like headless chickens trying to escape.
5 tlk70000035_03_msg0005 84 We're still trying to help, in our own way - performing for scared, crying kids and worried people.
6 tlk70000035_03_msg0006 84 We probably don't get through to most of them, but what got through to me more than anything was Leo's courage.