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1 tlk70000034_01_msg0001 84 Oh weary travelers, surely you of all people must know the meaning of a bond that sweetens over time!
2 tlk70000034_01_msg0002 84 You Drivers and Blades fight together and with time your hearts and minds become one. It's so beautiful!
3 tlk70000034_01_msg0003 84 After all, a shared action is worth far more than a thousand words could ever express...
4 tlk70000034_01_msg0004 84 Such a bond is only natural. But how can I sweeten my bond with a woman who does not believe in love?!
5 tlk70000034_01_msg0005 84 Oh, this sweet pain that pricks my chest to stitch her name there in my very flesh... Love is pain, my friends!