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1 tlk70000033_04_msg0001 84 Prince Addam! Lady Lora!
2 tlk70000033_04_msg0002 84 Momimi offers big congratulations to friends on behalf of chairman of Pyrithium Trade Guild!
3 tlk70000033_04_msg0003 84 Why not celebrate lucky occasion with lucky vase! Vase have big, fancy history and magic power of making happiness.
4 tlk70000033_04_msg0004 84 Meh? Friends think Momimi's claims smell of Buloofo poo? Friends so frank. Momimi like that. Sign of good taste.
5 tlk70000033_04_msg0005 84 But claims are totally factual. Ancients used to wisely say "When sad, check you have enough vases."
6 tlk70000033_04_msg0006 84 Vase also said to boost martial ability and appeal to opposite sex. So really many benefits to be had.
7 tlk70000033_04_msg0007 84 Meh! Don't look at Momimi with such judging eyes! Momimi only want to give congratulations. And sell vase.