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1 tlk70000033_03_msg0001 84 Meh! Thanks to friends, Momimi was able to give required monies to Biggipon. Much thanks! Respect.
2 tlk70000033_03_msg0002 84 Biggipon gives 1,000,000G to object of affection. Biggipon may be strong, but brain has been pulped by effect of love.
3 tlk70000033_03_msg0003 84 With monies like that, Biggipon could've built holiday villa on own bum-bum. Major rental opportunity.
4 tlk70000033_03_msg0004 84 Meh? No, Momimi is professionalpon. Will not give away any more amusing tidbits learned through wheeler-dealing.
5 tlk70000033_03_msg0005 84 Friends should also be professionalpon and not ask silly questions to Momimi!