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1 tlk70000033_02_msg0001 84 Because of big raid, lots of shortages of things everywhere. Big problem for lots of folks!
2 tlk70000033_02_msg0002 84 So Momimi get Pyrithium Trade Guild send over relief packages for no money. Momimi just make it happen.
3 tlk70000033_02_msg0003 84 Strangely generous act for Momimi, you say? Actually, holding out Samod to needypon is family tradition of Momimi.
4 tlk70000033_02_msg0004 84 Now that friend says, it is strange. Strange, strange tradition of family of Momimi...
5 tlk70000033_02_msg0005 84 But perhaps in future Momimi is needypon, and will get a Samod from a kindypon.