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1 tlk70000031_04_msg0001 84 Strewth, you lot look different 'n you did before.
2 tlk70000031_04_msg0002 84 Been through the ringer now, am I right, mates? Chewed up and spat out an' all that?
3 tlk70000031_04_msg0003 84 You lot finally ready to take on a hive of scum and villainy the likes o' which you never seen before?
4 tlk70000031_04_msg0004 84 Believe me, mates, I'm not messing about. This isn't some tea-slurping party for softy drongos.
5 tlk70000031_04_msg0005 84 I'm not gonna give 'til I've hunted down that bloody rat and made 'im squeal...