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1 tlk70000030_01_msg0001 84 Hello, everyone! Welcome!
2 tlk70000030_01_msg0002 84 And thanks...for your help with the food contest.
3 tlk70000030_01_msg0003 84 Up to that point, I just couldn't stop thinking about what happened to my parents.
4 tlk70000030_01_msg0004 84 But lately I've seen so many people here who've stuck it out and are doing their best in spite of everything.
5 tlk70000030_01_msg0005 84 And I can help too, by making delicious food for those people!
6 tlk70000030_01_msg0006 84 I think that's what my mum and dad would have wanted.
7 tlk70000030_01_msg0007 84 Of course, I include all of you in those people doing their best.
8 tlk70000030_01_msg0008 84 So when this is all over, I hope you'll come and sample my famous Tricolor Acqua Pazza!