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1 tlk70000030_04_msg0001 84 So, you're all leaving?
2 tlk70000030_04_msg0002 84 I...have to stay here. This city is the only home I have left.
3 tlk70000030_04_msg0003 84 The restaurant is just scraping by, but I still have a few regular customers.
4 tlk70000030_04_msg0004 84 They don't seem to mind that everything is so messed up and they just keep coming back.
5 tlk70000030_04_msg0005 84 Sometimes it feels like a real nuisance! But it gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, so...
6 tlk70000030_04_msg0006 84 Maybe one day I'll even feel something like hope again. Who knows, ha ha?
7 tlk70000030_04_msg0007 84 Oh, sorry. You're trying to get on your way and here I am chewing your ear off.
8 tlk70000030_04_msg0008 84 Prince Addam, Lady Lora, have a safe journey and come back to us soon.