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1 tlk70000029_05_msg0001 84 In all the years of my life I have never witnessed such upheaval in Torna.
2 tlk70000029_05_msg0002 84 I expect the road ahead of you will be long and hard, and there is little an old man like me can do to help.
3 tlk70000029_05_msg0003 84 But at least I can stay here and shout at everyone to keep their chin up and carry on. I'm good at that.
4 tlk70000029_05_msg0004 84 There are people here who believe in the king and in you. We may not be warriors but we're not powerless!
5 tlk70000029_05_msg0005 84 Be careful, my friends. And be sure to come back to see the gardens one day.