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1 tlk70000026_01_msg0001 84 The glass we make in this workshop is produced from rock and sand collected in the Dannagh Desert.
2 tlk70000026_01_msg0002 84 All Tornan glasswork, but also ritual implements and ceremonial accessories are made from our very own glass.
3 tlk70000026_01_msg0003 84 In fact, I heard that the army recently ordered extra-strong glass from my teacher, for making a new ship.
4 tlk70000026_01_msg0004 84 The name of the ship was, uh... I think it started with "Mo"...? Nope, sorry, it's gone now. Anyway...
5 tlk70000026_01_msg0005 84 I'm just an apprentice for now. I can only make things like water jugs and little glass baubles.
6 tlk70000026_01_msg0006 84 But you should see the things my instructor can make! They're well made and sturdy, but still utterly exquisite.