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1 tlk70000023_01_msg0001 84 Well, well! Welcome to Auresco, young Drivers - and Blades!
2 tlk70000023_01_msg0002 84 May I ask - are you all properly equipped with accessories?
3 tlk70000023_01_msg0003 84 Accessories are not just mere baubles, you know. They are part and parcel of the Driver's gear.
4 tlk70000023_01_msg0004 84 You've got your hats, your chokers, your amulets, and so on. Each item has different effects you can use.
5 tlk70000023_01_msg0005 84 You young things are always questing. I'll bet there are some accessories that could really help along the way!
6 tlk70000023_01_msg0006 84 You know, my granddaughter has an accessory shop in town. You should stop by sometime if you fancy it!