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1 tlk70000019_02_msg0001 84 When I heard that Feltley'd been attacked, my first thought was that it wasn't anything to do with me.
2 tlk70000019_02_msg0002 84 It really struck me how heartless you can be, you know? I was just happy it wasn't MY home getting wrecked.
3 tlk70000019_02_msg0003 84 But I'm different now. I'm not going to be thoughtless like that anymore.
4 tlk70000019_02_msg0004 84 Speaking of which! My thoughtless oaf of a husband went out fishing again and hasn't come home.
5 tlk70000019_02_msg0005 84 Oooh, when he comes home this time I'm going to give him SUCH a talking to...