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1 tlk70000018_01_msg0001 84 Hey! You're a bunch of Drivers and Blades, aren't you?
2 tlk70000018_01_msg0002 84 Have you ever come across places you thought you could reach but couldn't, or paths you couldn't go down?
3 tlk70000018_01_msg0003 84 At times like those, I'd recommend you make use of the Blades' powers.
4 tlk70000018_01_msg0004 84 Drivers are strong, but they have their limits. Working together with Blades can open up lots of new possibilities.
5 tlk70000018_01_msg0005 84 I'm not a Driver, of course! But if there was a Blade with fishing powers, you better believe I'd want its help. Heh.