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1 tlk70000015_02_msg0001 84 The attacks filled us with a sense of overwhelming gloom and despair...
2 tlk70000015_02_msg0002 84 So to help cheer us up, Leo and Azzarn, the traveling performers, gave us a splendid show.
3 tlk70000015_02_msg0003 84 They swept from familiar songs of Torna straight into songs from strange lands. It touched my old heart, it did.
4 tlk70000015_02_msg0004 84 While I was listening to their music, all thoughts of monsters or the attack flew clean out of my head.
5 tlk70000015_02_msg0005 84 I'm sure it was because the performers were able to share their love of music with us. It brought us all together.
6 tlk70000015_02_msg0006 84 Their performance helped me remember the incredible unifying power of music.
7 tlk70000015_02_msg0007 84 I'd like to listen to them play again someday so that I can appreciate their skill one more time.