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1 tlk70000015_01_msg0001 84 Hello there, youngsters. Welcome. Are you looking for any instruments in particular this fine day?
2 tlk70000015_01_msg0002 84 For beginners, I'd recommend the Tornan Viella. You'll be serenading your friends in no time at all!
3 tlk70000015_01_msg0003 84 It's not got many strings, so it's simple to learn. There are also many good songs for beginners. It's a winner!
4 tlk70000015_01_msg0004 84 Once you've learned some pieces, you can join an ensemble! It's a good way to improve in a hurry.
5 tlk70000015_01_msg0005 84 We've even got a special event where people play the Tornan Viella to express thanks to the Titan.
6 tlk70000015_01_msg0006 84 It's not an event to be missed! The music spreads through the air, so delicate and yet so strong...