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1 tlk70000014_04_msg0001 84 Another weird customer has been coming around lately. This one's a pretty woman, but still...
2 tlk70000014_04_msg0002 84 She asks me to recommend feminine clothes and stuff, "so she can be pretty like me". But I sell pictures, not clothes!
3 tlk70000014_04_msg0003 84 I told her I thought she was beautiful the way she was, but she just said that she wanted to dial it up to 11.
4 tlk70000014_04_msg0004 84 It seems like there has to be a reason behind it...but I'm not really sure how appropriate it is for me to ask, though.
5 tlk70000014_04_msg0005 84 ...No, come on, Sarah! I promised myself I'd be better about being honest with people!
6 tlk70000014_04_msg0006 84 Maybe I'll try talking to her again the next time she comes in. If she ends up being nice, I can introduce her to you!