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1 tlk70000014_03_msg0001 84 I'm not sure how much it comes across, but it takes a lot for me to put my trust in someone.
2 tlk70000014_03_msg0002 84 People who look kind on the outside might actually be rotten to the core. How are you supposed to know?
3 tlk70000014_03_msg0003 84 I don't like how easy it is for us to keep secrets from one another. To lie to one another.
4 tlk70000014_03_msg0004 84 Maybe I'm just not a very good judge of character. It's hard for me to see through to a person's true nature...
5 tlk70000014_03_msg0005 84 Someone took advantage of me once and I lost a lot of money. That's when I learned how nasty people can be.
6 tlk70000014_03_msg0006 84 I don't want to forget what happened, but I also don't want to dwell on it... I haven't got time for people like that.
7 tlk70000014_03_msg0007 84 My experiences have helped me learn. Now I want to take that knowledge and use it to become a better person.
8 tlk70000014_03_msg0008 84 Lora, Mythra, thank you for helping me understand that trust isn't a one-way street.