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1 tlk70000014_02_msg0001 84 I've never seen the capital in this kind of state before...
2 tlk70000014_02_msg0002 84 Some guy has been following me around a lot lately, too, which is the last thing I need right now.
3 tlk70000014_02_msg0003 84 He even keeps coming to the shop. I think he's a traveling performer or something... I wish he'd go away.
4 tlk70000014_02_msg0004 84 He seems happy whether I'm rude to him or even if I give him the silent treatment. What's that all about?
5 tlk70000014_02_msg0005 84 I guess he doesn't seem like a bad person, at least.
6 tlk70000014_02_msg0006 84 But I still just want him to leave me alone. I'm not much of a people person. I don't like being pestered.
7 tlk70000014_02_msg0007 84 How can I get him to understand that?!