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1 tlk70000014_01_msg0001 84 Welcome, travelers. Have you been enjoying some of the Tornan sights?
2 tlk70000014_01_msg0002 84 There's plenty to see in the residential ward. There's a range of merchants, and the artisans have their workshops there.
3 tlk70000014_01_msg0003 84 But of course, the main tourist spot in town is Aureus Palace, where the king of Torna lives.
4 tlk70000014_01_msg0004 84 I didn't know this before I moved here, but...
5 tlk70000014_01_msg0005 84 The royal palace is so huge in part because it also houses workshops for renowned engineers and craftspeople.
6 tlk70000014_01_msg0006 84 Most people aren't actually allowed to see the workshops, but I bet they're magnificent.