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1 tlk70000013_03_msg0001 84 Did Popolo muck something up again? Seems like she got another good scolding from the chairman.
2 tlk70000013_03_msg0002 84 She's probably due for one of her nervous breakdowns. I've got to have boatloads of fluffy potatoes ready.
3 tlk70000013_03_msg0003 84 Ah, no, I exaggerated a little bit there. She's fine really! It's just an old, old habit of hers...
4 tlk70000013_03_msg0004 84 Popolo pilfers the chairman's snacks when she gets angry about something.
5 tlk70000013_03_msg0005 84 But then the fear and shame set in, and she always shows up here to replace however much she stole.